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Dave Erickson Project City Nights Radio

Following his similarly cool, unique and soulfully urbane 2013 debut Pinnacle, Denver-based composer/guitarist Dave Erickson – recording with the Dave Erickson Project (DEP) – presents an exciting and colorful master class in musical diversity on the instantly infectious CITY NIGHTS. Alternating between sizzling rock/blues licks and laid back seduction via luminous melodic licks, Erickson keeps the set unpredictable as he leaps from jazz to Latin, R&B and even folk influences. It’s the perfect soundtrack to some fun and romantic CITY NIGHTS! ~JONATHAN WIDRAN, SJ.COM


A cozy, feel-good CD of warm melodies and rhythmic elegance, this is another demonstration of the smoothness and clarity of a group that has quickly becoming synonymous with diverse tastes. Pleasant to both the ear and soul, it displays a classy and effective presence. – RONALD JACKSON, SMOOTH JAZZ RIDE